Welcome ...

My name is Sylvia Bruckman. I live in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband and furry kids.

I am originally from New York and have three children who are now adults!

My husband and I have been together for 50 years now and were childhood sweethearts. As the story goes, we lived happily ever after, most of the time :-)!!

We now have 8 grandkids!!and 2 bonus grandchildren. I enjoy all the time spent with them. They are such fun and keep you young, except when they wear you out!!

In The Beginning ...

I fell in love with Persians in the 1980s when I bought two white Persians. At the time, I thought Persians only came in white! When the breeder showed me a silver one, I had to have her too.

In the 90's, I met a lovely breeder named Carol Reilly, who has since retired, but from whom I bought my first show cats. Carol taught me all about bathing and breeding. Everything else I learned by reading every book I could get my hands on (no internet back then), which brings me to today...

I decided to get back into breeding and showing Persians because I had enjoyed it so much and I had the time and desire now that my family is grown. I approached one of the top breeders in my region to re-start my breeding program and am enjoying every minute.

My Goals ...

I am a CFA registered cattery .Although maintaining a small cattery, I strive to maintain the highest quality I can. My goal is to produce Persians that conform as close as possible to the CFA breed standard as well as breeding for health and temperament.

My cats are part of my family. They are an integral part of my life and are showered with lots of love!

With Special Thanks ...

I learned so much at my first few CFA cat shows and want to thank Michelle Robitaille of Pouncing Paws for her help. I would not have known how to sculpt my cats and groom them to perfection without her guidance. She was such a help to me at that show - I will never forget her generosity.

I'd also like to express my special thank you to Lisa Thostensen and Donna Waskiewicz for their help and for sharing their beautiful cats with me and trusting me...they are such breeders of integrity. They are a great asset to the Cat Fancy and few and far between....

"What is essential in life is invisible to the eyes,
and can only be  seen by the heart"

...from The Little Prince


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